Kokrobite garden guest house,
best in town, probably in the world.....

Our Menu

Kokrobite Garden originally started as a restaurant, we are sucessfully operating since 1997.
All our dishes are freshly prepared with all the best ingredients. We are specialised in Italian food but, we always keep an eye on what the world propose, that's why we created on our menu a section which we called  "around the world".
So, the food is ready,............ if you are around, dont miss our specialities..........

We are open from 8 to 12 for breakfast.

We offer a large selection of breakfast dishes, freshly squeezed fruit juices and any kind of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, american, etc.................................
Just beside, you can have a view of our fruit pancake, with chocolate sauce, our omelette and our french toast
Pastas y pizzas

different kind of pastas and pizzas, these ones are our specials.
Everything is prepared as the old tradition require, fresh tomato, fresh ingredients, Parmesan cheese, fresh mozzarella and a lot of passion...............
Just try to believe......................

Salads and Snacks

Refreshing salads are also available on our menu. Every morning we buy vegetables from the farmers that, luckily are producing their vegetables very closed to Kokrobite. We focus very much on the washing of the vegetables with safety products so you don't need to have any worry to enjoy them.
Around the world section

The section around the world is proposing some of the dishes which apparently most of the people like. We are very popular for our tajine ( from Marroco) and for our different fried rices made in the Thai way, but you can also enjoy a nice guacamole from Mexico or a very good cous cous from Tunisia..........

Sometimes is not bad to take a break from the Italian food..........!!

Here beside you can have a look at the curry vegetable fried rice.

At the end of everything, just if you are vicious, you can enjoy one of our daily freshly made desserts.

Dark chocolate cake
Every weekend we make special dishes. 
Kokrobite is a fishing village and every Saturday and Sunday we get fresh fish coming directly from our sea. We make grilled fish and also speghetti lobster.
You can also try our delicious lasagna.
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