Kokrobite garden guest house,
best in town, probably in the world.....

Our Rooms

Please take a little look at our accommodation, just  to give you an idea......

Family House

This is a family house for four or five people. 
There is a double bed upstairs and a double bed downstairs, with a single bunk bed on top of it. 

The price of the family house is 60 euros a night, including swimmingpool.

Mikonos House and Creta House

We have two bungalows made in Greek style.
Inside there are all the commodities, and from the glass doors you can enjoy the view of the garden and swimming pool.

The price for the Mikonos house and Creta house is 45 euros a night without AC or 50 euros a night if you need AC. This price includes the entrance to the swimming pool.

Round Bungalow
We have a round bungalow beautifully decorated. Price is 45 euros no AC and 50 euros AC. Pool price included. 
Budget Bungalows (Left and Right)
We have a selection of double bungalows, with the toilet and shower attached outside. All bungalows have a mosquito net, comfortable mattress, and a fan.

The price for the double bungalow is 20 euros a night.


We also have a caravan that we offer to our guests for 12 Euros a night. There is a double bed inside and fan. The toilet is outside and the swimming pool price is not included in the price.

Swimming Pool                                                                                                 

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