Kokrobite garden guest house,
best in town, probably in the world.....

About Us

Hello people, how are you??
This is Franco speaking.
In 1997 I was crossing West Africa by bike, I arrived in Ghana and I fell in love with this beautiful country.
It was a very easy decision to stay and live here. Ghana gave to me the opportunity to make real two of my dreams, to make the most beautiful garden in the world and to make my living out of what my parents taught me to love, that is cooking.
In 2002 i met Caye, my wife now.......... who helped me to continuous with my dreams, bringing ideas and beauty to the common goal....................but not only, she also brought to our world two beautiful children, Gabri and Luna.
Here we are, the most beautiful garden is done, and the food is at your disposition,
You are welcome!!!!!!

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